3D Maps Soar to New Heights

Last week, Google introduced its “next dimension” in 3D mapping software.  This week, it was Apple’s turn to rollout their latest 3D maps.  And from what I’ve seen, both companies have a lot to shout about.  Their crisp 3D images are nothing short of spectacular.  I definitely like what I see from an eye candy point of view, even though I’m not sure what practical purpose 3D serves in helping me get from point A to point B.  Then again I didn’t understand all the hoopla over HDTV at first.  These days I feel like someone’s messing with my pursuit of happiness when I’m forced to watch non-HDTV.  Maybe I’ll also view 3D maps as a birthright someday down the road.  For now, though, they are cool.  Very cool.

Speaking of cool maps.  At wikiHomePages.com, when you click on a residential address, up pops a visual history of the home, containing photos and stories contributed by former residents or their descendants.  These unique time capsules show what the house or apartment looked like in the ’30s, ’50s or ’80s.  You’ll also discover the very personal role the homes played in the lives of those who once lived there.  Now, that’s what I call a new dimension in mapping.  Check out the future with a look into the past at wikiHomePages.com.


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