A Street By Any Other Name…Please.

In an earlier post, “A House By Any Other Name,” I asked if you or your ancestors ever named a home.  Like Graceland or Tara, for example.  A lot of thought goes into giving a home just the right name.  It’s all very personal and says as much about the resident as it does about the home, its location or its history.  You would never let someone you don’t even know name your home.  But when it comes to the street name of your “Graceland” or unnamed home, it is what it is, without any input from you at all. The first, only and final word on the naming of the street likely belongs to a faceless developer or city planner.

So, how much does the street name matter to you?  Have you ever decided not to move somewhere because you disliked the name of the street?  All other things being equal, would Corabell Lane, Wigwam Drive, Flounder Way, Barf Lane or some other unusual street name be a factor in your decision to move there or keep looking?  Know any other odd street names?


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