America is a nation on the move.  Literally.  The average person will live in 14 different homes during his or her lifetime, with around 40 million of us changing our address in any given year.  But wherever we go we take with us a life-long connection to the homes we leave behind.

wikiHomePages.com is a map-based photosharing website building a visual history of our homes, one address at a time, using photos and stories contributed by former residents, family members and the public.  Just as every person can have a Facebook page, we want to give every residential address its very own HomePage.

The website also contains links to articles about genealogy, the history of homes and the people who lived in them, along with ways to preserve our family photos and stories.  This blog is a place to post and further discuss the homes and articles found on wikiHomePages.com, as well as new topics and stories found only on the blog.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you’ll also check out wikiHomePages.com and add some photos and stories from the places near and dear to you and your family.  There really is no place like home.  Especially yours.

—Bill Kennedy


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